About Me

My name is Jared Goldsmith and I am a senior (class of 2016) at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY, and I live in a suburb of Albany, NY. I plan to earn my Masters in Teaching from Colgate in 2017 and then, hopefully, teach math in a high-needs, urban school. I’ve known that I have enjoyed teaching for a long time, but hadn’t considered teaching as a possible career until my first couple of years at Colgate.

Purpose of This Blog

What are the characteristics of a good teacher?                                            classroomchoreography.files.wordpress.com

The purpose of this blog is for me to share my thoughts, feelings, questions, comments and concerns as I navigate my way through my final years of college in preparation of being a high school math teacher. I see this site as a space for both personal reflection and open discussion. As a (future) teacher it is vital to constantly be reflecting on my own opinions, frameworks and practices, yet I must also be willing to discuss and learn from others. Education is very broad and encompasses very political and bureaucratic topics such as the common core, standardized testing and charter schools, as well as dividing human rights issues such as segregation and race relations. I do not want to confine myself to a certain subject or perspective, so I will be posting about a variety of topics that I have encountered in everyday life, read about or discussed in class. To try to focus this blog a little, however, I will attempt to relate every post to teaching, and my own position as a privileged white male looking to teach in a high-needs environment. I will also begin to define what a “good” teacher is, though I am skeptical there is any concrete answer.




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